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Support comes in several forms, but essentially it provides piece of mind to continue operating tomorrow as you are today. We provide support to non-contract customers, so if you've never used us before but have a problem, call us. For those who'd like to guarantee a specific level of service, we provide support contracts. Either way, we can help.

Remote Support
Supporting computer systems on another site, or in another town was once timely and therefore costly.  Nowadays, access to remote systems can be almost instantaneous.  A solution can be provided in minutes instead of hours.  This all means a faster response, a faster fix, and a lower cost to you.

Telephone Support
Telephone support is available to new and existing customers.  We provide inclusive telephone support in as standard on most of our contracts.  We also don’t hide our engineers away, their mobile numbers aren’t a secret.  This means that when you pick-up the phone you don’t have to call the office, you can speak directly to an engineer if you need to.

On-site support
We are happy to visit your site to resolve problems, if that’s what’s required, or just because that’s what you prefer.  We aim to deal with all calls the within 24 hours, and usually deal with the vast majority the same day.

Support Contracts
We can provide support contracts that:

  • Guarantee a response
  • Provide out of hours cover
  • Provide inclusive time
  • Provide inclusive telephone support
  • Provide inclusive remote support
  • Provide discounted rates for non-support work e.g. setting up new equipment
  • Allow you to pay at a time to suit your business e.g. monthly, quarterly, annually
  • Is flexible and can be changed as your requirements do

Top-up Support
We have highly skilled engineers, and can provide a complete service end-to-end, or a top-up to your existing on-site skills, so you pay for only what you need.  We also work alongside other specialist IT companies that may only cover specific systems, so you don’t fall down the gap in between.

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