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Enterprise Solutions are not your local computer shop, or national PC retailer. We don't just sell boxes which you then struggle with to make work for your business. We provide IT solutions to your business.

Solutions range from exactly what to buy to suit your needs, to suggesting products from different vendors, which when configured together will form your desired solution.

We can work from discussions we've had with you; by working with you to find the right solution for your business; or by working alongside other IT partners you may already deal with. Our flexibility ensures we do our best for you.

Once you could have virus protection and that was enough.  Now you need to protect your PCs and servers from numerous forms of unwanted attacks (viruses, spyware, spam, hacker attacks, phishing, and so on.)  With this in mind we have a range of solutions available that can protect single PCs, small networks with or without file servers and e-mail servers, or multi-site/multi-server installations with hundreds of PCs, laptops, and roaming users with the latest tablets, smartphones and other devices.
There are a number of key factors to consider when choosing the right product for you:

Protection You need to know that the product will provide you with class leading protection for today’s and tomorrow’s threats, whatever the platform.  That it will provide you with the confidence that new threats are discovered and dealt with actively, with updates that are up to the minute.
Performance You need to be sure that the protection you get isn’t at the expense of productivity.  We have solutions that provide intelligent protection from unwanted SPAM so it’s not clogging your Internet connections only to be discarded once it’s arrived.
Manageability You need to know that dealing with new equipment, in or out of the office is as simple as possible to ensure you have complete protection.
Cost All this needs to be a balance between the best protection and the financial impact it has.  Which is why each solution takes into account what you need.

With today’s fast Internet connections many businesses provide their users with unrestricted Internet access, after all most business-grade broadband is unlimited so it costs the business no more if it’s used.   If staff are using the Internet to gain new customers, source suppliers, research competitors, etc. then that’s why you have it.  But what about checking their personal e-mail’s at work, searching for that last minute holiday deal, catching up on their social networking?  How much does that cost you in lost productivity?

We have solutions that can monitor web usage by individual, categorising websites so you can easily see productive and non-productive use.  This can be used to enforce policies, or to form rules to block certain access.  The equipment that does this usually also provides additional security benefits such as SPAM protection, higher grade firewall protection, anti-virus and phishing protection before it reaches the desktop.

Solutions for these kinds of functions were once out of the reach of most SMEs, but they are now available for much less than you think.

Today's mobile phones are much more than just phones you can use anywhere.  Today's mobile phones and portable devices have more power than PCs only a few years ago. This power allows you to take your office with you.  Tapping into that ability is not always that straight-forward and is one of the areas we can help.

Connectivity with industry standard applications such as Exchange, is possible whether you use a Windows Mobile device, a Blackberry, an iPad/iPhone, or one of the many incarnations of Android devices.

If you want to know how to get the most from these devices ,or just make your e-mail, contacts, and calendars work with your device, we can help.

E-mail communication has become almost essential, second only to the telephone.  Yet if 8 out of 10 telephone calls you received were junk calls for products and services you weren’t interested in, would it still be THE tool for your business?

SPAM e-mails count for over 80% of e-mails.  Anti-SPAM systems have to be configurable as one person’s junk e-mail can be another’s must have offer.  The best systems are not only accurate in detecting SPAM, but more importantly don’t catch genuine e-mails you want and need.

We sell solutions that provide an over 90% accuracy rate in catching genuine spam.  They range in from personal desktop systems, to server systems (that stop SPAM hitting the desktop), and gateway systems (that stop SPAM before it is even downloaded.)

The best systems reduce your inbox to less than a fifth of its current size, so you have less to read every day; and increase your available Internet bandwidth by about 50%.

If you’d like to discuss what’s best for your company, why not contact us?

Tape has been around for over 40 years as a backup method.  Over the years it has changed considerably, but essentially it’s the same as it always has been.  It is a length of plastic tape that has the ability to store data using an electronic head that changes the magnetic properties of the tape.

Firstly, the tape is dragged across the surface of the magnetic heads.  This causes wear on the tape as it scuffs the head, and it stretches the tape over time.  Both of these reduce its reliability.

Secondly, as tape standards change, so do the drives you need to read and write them.  Some have the ability to use old tapes, but very few support newer, higher capacity tapes in older drives.  Meaning as data grows; you have to replace the drive, which with tape is an expensive part of the solution.

Lastly, they store data sequentially (in a long line).  So retrieving parts of it takes longer.

The solution to the problems of tape, is backup to disk.  Ideally the disk is cartridge based to enable resilience in handling, and portability.

Our solutions range, but essentially use disk-based backups, combined with image-based backup software.

What this means
You have a solution which over 3 years and beyond has a cheaper cost of ownership than tape.

You have a solution that has a life-span of media of 5-10 years; whereas tape is 6-12 months.

You have the ability to backup systems completely while they are still running, reducing downtime.

Restoring systems is as fast as the data can be read from the disk.  Compared to tape recovery times of a server are about 25% or less.

Also the drive mechanism has very little to go wrong, and can grow as your data requirements do without replacing it.  Just increase the media size and the drive will handle it.

E-mail is almost as important nowadays as the phone.  Just like the phone it can be as simple or as complex as your needs dictate.  For some businesses all that's needed is a company e-mail that works, whilst for others they may need individual accounts, and distribution groups for many hundreds of users.

However complex or simple your needs, we can ensure it fits your needs and your budget.

We can provide solutions that are located at your offices, or ones that are cloud-based.  These solutions give you the flexibility of upfront investement, or subscription based (which in many cases reduces you TCO - Total Cost of Ownership).

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