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The “cloud” is a term many people will have heard of, and some may even understand.  It refers to services which are Internet-based rather than running on PCs or servers in your office.  For many systems cloud-based solutions have potential benefits, but the potential loss of service if your Internet connection fails prevents them becoming reality.  We recognise this concern and potential threat, and so limit the services we recommend, based on your setup.

Hosted e-mail may at first seem like a non-starter, yet it is probably one of the best areas to consider.  Microsoft Outlook uses local copies by default, and if your Internet connection failed whilst you were using a local Exchange server you wouldn’t receive anything anyway.  Therefore, utilising Hosted Exchange is no worse than having a local Exchange server, and in many ways is much better:

  • Multiple servers in multiple locations hosting your e-mail, providing resilience that to provide on local servers would be cost prohibitive for most
  • Large mailbox sizes, 5 times Microsoft Exchange defaults
  • The option to use Outlook on a pay-as-you-go basis is also available, reducing your outlay even further
  • No server maintenance and support costs
  • No large initial outlay for a new/replacement Exchange server

With over 125,000 new malicious programs being detected every day, relying on just signature-based protection is no longer enough to provide adequate security for your business Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business CORE combines several powerful anti-malware technologies – including signature-based protection, proactive protection and cloud-assisted security – to deliver multiple layers of defence for your business

Superior anti-malware
By combining signature-based detection, plus pattern-based, proactive defences and cloud-assisted technologies, Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business provides greatly enhanced detection of malware – including protection against new threats that have not yet been recorded in signature databases.

Protects your systems from hacker attacks
Kaspersky’s advanced firewall – together with our Host-based Intrusion Prevention System (HIPS) – helps to protect workstations and servers on your network… to prevent intruders from accessing your systems and stealing or corrupting your business data.

Millions of other users… all helping to protect your business
Many millions of Kaspersky users have ‘opted in’ to let the cloud-based Kaspersky Security Network (KSN) automatically gather information about possible malware infections or suspicious behaviour from their systems. Over 25 million samples are received each day and this unparalleled level of intelligence from the field – received in real-time – enables Kaspersky’s experts to analyse new IT security threats and provide solutions more rapidly. Your business can fully benefit from this cloud-assisted capability… even without you having to opt in.

Rapid to deploy… and easy to manage
Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business CORE is preconfigured to start protecting your systems and data… as soon as it’s installed. It’s also supplied complete with Kaspersky Security Center – the centralised management console that makes it easier for you to control all aspects of your Kaspersky security solution.

Flexible and scalable
You can tailor your Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business CORE solution to meet your specific IT security needs. By adding one or more Kaspersky Targeted Security Solutions, you can add fully-integrated protection for storage, virtualisation, file servers, mobile devices, mail, Internet gateways or collaboration… plus wide-ranging systems management capabilities.

Furthermore, whichever Kaspersky Targeted Security Solution you choose, you’ll still be able to manage your entire Kaspersky security via one integrated management console – Kaspersky Security Center.

Extend Your Security
Kaspersky Endpoint Security Select - Adds protection for your File Servers, Mobile Devices and provides Web Control.

Kaspersky Endpoint Security Advanced - Adds Encryption and Systems Management (e.g. patch management.)

Kaspersky Total Security for Business - Adds protection for your mail servers, collaboration server (e.g Sharepoint), and Internet Gateways.

As organizations become increasingly dependent on email, cybercriminals are developing more sophisticated programmes to penetrate corporate networks. At the same time, increases in spam impact on resources, waste employees’ time and make networks vulnerable to phishing attacks.

Kaspersky Hosted Email Security comes from a product family based on a uniform set of world-class anti-malware and other core technologies designed to provide High Value protection against current and future email threats, preventing spam, phishing attempts and malware from penetrating your network.

Using an easy to manage hosted model with fixed-price billing, Kaspersky Hosted Email Security offers virtually impenetrable protection, with enhanced levels of service and reduced cost of ownership.

  • World-class protection
    Kaspersky Hosted Email Security protects your mail gateway from spam, phishing attacks, Trojans and the latest malware – now and in the future – as well as acting as an effective email firewall.
  • Stop spam and increase productivity
    Up to 80% of incoming mail is spam. By stopping this unwanted content in the cloud, you can protect your infrastructure capacity and bandwidth and minimise time wasted deleting unwanted emails.
  • Rapid deployment
    The service is deployed by simply modifying records on the DNS server, which means that protection can be up and running in no time.
  • Cost-effective
    Because it is delivered as a service, no additional hardware or software is required. This, combined with subscription-based costs, significantly reduces your total cost of protection.
  • Maintenance free
    Kaspersky Lab specialists monitor the service round-the-clock, taking care of all maintenance and updates, allowing you to concentrate on other areas of your business.
  • Scalable
    Kaspersky Hosted Email Security can be easily scaled to grow with your business in the future.

Cyberoam Unified Threat Management appliances offer comprehensive security to organizations, ranging from large enterprises to small and branch offices. Multiple security features integrated over a single, Layer 8 Identity-based platform make security simple, yet highly effective.

Cyberoam, with its Extensible Security Architecture (ESA) and multi-core technology carries the ability to combat future threats to organizations’ security.

  Unified Threat Management
bullet Overview
bullet Stateful Inspection Firewall
bullet VPN (SSL VPN & IPSec)
bullet Intrusion Prevention System
bullet Anti-Virus & Anti-Spyware
bullet Anti-Spam
bullet Web Filtering
bullet Bandwidth Management
bullet Application Visibility & Control
bullet 3G / WiMAX Connectivity
bullet IM Archiving & Controls
bullet Multiple Link Management
bullet On-Appliance Reporting
bullet IPv6 Ready
bullet Wi-Fi Appliances

Our range of text message applications helps organisations keep in touch with their colleagues, clients, citizens, business partners and patients by sending and receiving simple, low-cost text messages to their mobile phones from any web-enabled computer.

Whether you wish to send messages to individuals or groups from an online service, create bulk SMS marketing campaigns, or send SMS messages from any email system, TextAnywhere has the business solution for you.

TextOnline – Web Application to Send and Receive SMS Text MessagesTextOnline
An online service for clients to send and receive messages to individuals and groups, with delivery receipts - no setup cost, just pay for the messages you send

TextCampaign – Send high volume SMS campaigns onlineTextCampaign
Create, execute and manage online your own high volume, personalised text message marketing campaigns

TextPremium – Host Short Code services for inbound contact by SMSTextPremium
Set-up, run, and manage online your own Short Code service. Enable your clients to contact you by texting YOURWORD to 81025, or run chargeable services.

TextEmail – Send SMS Text Messages from any Email system and Microsoft OMSTextEmail
Send SMS messages, and receive replies, from any email system, and make use of the Microsoft Outlook OMS service

TextInbound – Host online a long Mobile Number for inbound contact by SMSTextInbound
Set-up your own, dedicated SMS number to receive inbound text messages from mobile colleagues, clients and consumers

TextAlert – Ensure computer-generated Email Alerts are converted and sent as SMSTextAlert
Ensure critical email warnings and alerts from IT systems are sent by text message to pre-defined team members

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Maximum protection

  • Proactive antimalware protection connected to Collective Intelligence
  • Personal firewall (centrally or locally managed)
  • The only Cloud endpoint protection with Device control; blocks malware entry, enables you to increase productivity and helps you to prevent data leakage
  • Behavioral analysis technologies capable of detecting malware that exploits unknown (zero-day) vulnerabilities
  • In-depth malware audits and information about the protection status on the network
  • Automatic updates

Minimum costs

  • No upfront investment, no maintenance of hardware and software
  • Predictable costs
  • Without dedicated resources


  • Less bandwidth usage
  • Lightweight proactive technologies and real-time connection to Collective Intelligence minimize resource consumption on computers

Easy to use, easy to maintain

  • Immediate startup
  • Centralized administration and Web-based management anywhere, anytime 24x7
  • Managing security issues remotely and directly from the centralized web based console and connect remotely to endpoints via remote control tool integration to expedite incident resolution
  • Flexible installation
  • Maintenance and upgrades by Panda Security

Total control

  • Centralized management of your Windows and Linux endpoints, VMWare, Microsoft and Citrix virtualization systems, laptops and remote offices
  • On-demand and scheduled scans from the central Web console
  • False positives, if detected, are automatically managed, files are restored to the system transparently and automatically

Proven and reliable services. 24x7 support all year round.

  • ISO 27001 and SAS 70-compliant data center computing and storage services (Windows Azure Traffic Manager and Connect, computing and storage)
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